Artful Ink Bali is Indonesia´s first truly international tattoo studio. The Studio is a positive space surrounded by art and good energy. All of our equipment is brand new, disposable, and the studio is of course air-conditioned.

Resident Artists

Click on artist image for more info. Our artists will take the time to understand your style, and will work with you to come up with a design that you love.

Guest Artists

Artful ink regularly invites some of the best tattoo artists from around the world. Have a look at some of the guest artists who will be coming to join us. Expect the same exceptional service from each of our guest artists.

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Aurora Tarita

Book now if you want to get inked by Aurora because she's only here for a limited time, until February 24th. Tirita's eclectic combination of style, design and art is sought after worl..

Here until Feb. 24
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Neiz Vesten

Book now to get inked by Neiz before he leaves the island. Niki is our HANDPOKE artist. His custom, one off, individual code ink designs are not only absolutely original but tailor made for ea..

Now - Aug '18
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Elloise Grace

Here until May 2018, Elloise Grace is on deck unleashing her own individual old-school style designs. Her last guest spot with us was cut short, but she´s back for 6 ..

Now - May '18
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Zeland Baadilla

Straight from Germany, Zeland joins the Artful Ink Family for a limited time. He brings his colorful (and black and white) neo-traditional and graphic/dotwork to Bali this March 1st. ..

March 1 - 31
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Every tattoo has a story, what's yours? Click any image for the real story behind the tattoo. If you have a story about your tattoo we want to hear it. You might be featured in our next story.


Artful Ink Bali is the latest addition in the Artful Ink Circus. Providing world-class tattoo artists and 1st world hygiene standards.

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